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Cauayan City…Mushrooming Economy
The City of Cauayan is the newest of the three cities in the Cagayan Valley region. It was declared a city only in 2001. Its strategic location-at the center of the Province of Isabela and the entire Cagayan Valley region as well-has facilitated Cauayan’s rapid growth. It has one of the fastest growing economy in the region with 1752 business establishments contributing to an annual income amounting to Php 7.45 million.
Founded in 1740, Cauayan antedates the establishment of Isabela by 116 years. Its name is derived from the vernacular “Kawayan” which means “Bamboo”. It is about 375 kilometers northeast of Metro Manila and has a total land area of 33,640.45 hectares divided among its 65 barangays. Total population of CY 2000 is 103,953. It is the 3rd most populous town in Isabela. Its Local Government Unit is headed by City Mayor Benjamin Guzman Dy who has been instrumental in the pushing and Cauayan’s One Town One Product (OTOP) into the forefront, making it one of the most successful OTOP Projects in Region 02.
Rediscovering Mushrooms
Delicious, nutritious, versatile mushrooms-Cauayan City’s OTOP-can be enjoyed in more way than one as the Cauayan City Green Ladies Organization have discovered. Their product line includes oyster mushroom spawns, mushroom pickles, burger patties, tempura, dinakdakan and empanada. These are available at the Mushroom Center located at Tagaran, Cauayan City, Isabela. Branded as the Green Ladies’ Harvest, these products are fast becoming bestsellers in trade fairs and provide livelihood to more than a hundred beneficiaries of the OTOP Program.
What is One Town One Product (OTOP) Philippines?
In every town or city in the Philippines, one unique treasure stands out.
Each product is each town’s gift to the country; each town’s gift to the rest of the world.
Filipino craftsmen mold the vast natural resources available to them. Lumber is sculptured into works of art, capiz shells are shaped for window panes and twigs are turned into grand centerpieces.
The brawns of these artisans are molded by the rugged terrain of the archipelago; their minds draw inspiration from the country’s vibrant past.
Collectively, their products and services are called One Town One Product Philippines.
For more information and orders please contact:
OTOP Focal Person
Cauayan City Green Ladies Organization Office
Ground Floor, Legislative Building
Cauayan City, Isabela
PLDT Trunk Line: 078-652-4112 local 603


0 # Website Administrator 2014-01-20 16:34
Pwede nyo pong puntahan si MRS. YOLANDA L. ALVENDIA OTOP Focal Person Cauayan City Green Ladies Organization Office 3rd Floor, City Hall Building
Cauayan City, Isabela para kayo ay matulungan.
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0 # zenaida uminga 2014-01-20 13:24
hi po, ako po ay nagnanais matuto sa pagpapatubo ng kabute...taga villarta st po ako ng dist 1.cauayan.matut ulungan po b nyo ako?
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Hon. Bernard Faustino M. Dy - City Mayor